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Françoise Lombard: Long life to ICDS!

ICDS conferences are unique opportunities to meet other music teachers through a common Dalcroze experience. This enriches the perception and understanding of our own profession and opens new horizons for our work.

The Dalcroze approach has a universal human dimension and its fields of application are very diverse. The meeting of teachers with the scientific world is an opportunity to discover and develop very interesting links between observation in teaching practice and scientific analysis. The clinical world needs scientific evidence to give weight and credibility to advances in pedagogy. In the same way, the scientific world needs to observe and experiment with an active method to guide its research. The encounters of these two worlds through the ICDS conferences are valuable: they demonstrate a sincere interest in the current situation in teaching and human development, and a serious commitment to the future.

The period of confinement has been prolific for some: it has been an opportunity to reflect on what is most essential in our lives and to find ways to pursue our educational tasks while trying to preserve the quality of teaching. Creativity at all levels! For my part, online teaching made me discover that it is possible to create an educational link and a sense of belonging to a group even through our screens. I have also noticed that you can develop a listening quality even at a distance. It requires adaptation and a lot of presence, but it is possible.

I wish long life to ICDS and look forward to continuing my journey as a teacher accompanied by this beautiful and inspiring scientific-pedagogical community.

Françoise Lombard, Dalcroze teacher (diplôme Supérieur) Recent publication: Audio Library ​​



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