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Music and Movement through Technology

The "Music and Movement through Technology" thematic track explores the dynamic intersection of music, movement, and technological innovation. Contributions will explore how technological advancements, such as augmented and virtual reality, wearable sensors, artificial intelligence, etc. influence and reshape how we create, perform, experience, learn, teach, and research music through movement.

Creativity in and through Music and Movement

The “Creativity in and through Music and Movement” thematic track will explore music and movement as a form of joint participation and artistic exploration that stimulates creativity and creative expression. We welcome contributions that examine how music and movement can initiate and sustain creative processes that foster imagination and innovation.

Music and Movement for Well-Being

The "Music and Movement for Well-Being" track explores the influence of music and movement on well-being in all its dimensions(e.g., physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual). We welcome contributions from various disciplines and domains, such as music education, music therapy, rehabilitation, community music etc.,  from innovative interventions to cultural perspectives. Contributions may include innovative and diverse approaches to integrating music, movement, and well-being, and gaining practical insights into the power of artistic expression through music and movement as a tool for learning, healing, and personal growth.

Music and Movement Across the Lifespan

The "Music and Movement Across the Lifespan" thematic track delves into the evolving relationship between music, movement, and human development. We welcome contributions that explore age-specific approaches, providing practice and/or research-based insights on integrating music and movement into the various stages of life, from infants to the elderly. In addition, we welcome contributions that address human development from a holistic perspective, looking into the benefits of music and movement in shaping lifelong learning and flourishing.

Movement in Instrumental Music Learning

The "Movement in Instrumental Music Learning" thematic track explores the integral role of movement in instrumental studies. We welcome, for example,  contributions that explore how kinesthetic awareness and movement-based activities can become part of musical training to enhance interpretation, expression, instrumental technique, and injury prevention. Contributions will offer insights and experiences on how different approaches, such as Dalcroze, Laban, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Gerda Alexander Eutony, and others, may be applied in a diversity of contexts, such as the instrumental music classroom, home practice, joint music making, etc. to foster a more embodied approach to instrumental music education.

Diversity in Music and Movement

In the “Diversity in Music and Movement” track, possibilities and meaningfulness of participation and the multifacetedness of human expression through music and movement are examined critically. Providing attendees with insights and practical tools to embrace diversity in their journey through music and movement, the contributions will address issues such as diversity, accessibility and inclusion, equity and democracy, and interdisciplinary and intercultural understanding related to practices of music and movement.


Within the overarching conference theme of "Building Bridges Music and Movement: Inspire, Imagine, Transcend", the "Bridges" thematic track welcomes contributions from participants who want to zoom in, raise issues, and showcase possibilities for building bridges. These bridges could be connections between disciplines (e.g., dance and movement-based approaches, physical and music education), approaches (e.g., Laban and Dalcroze), age-specific cultural practices (e.g., for children and the elderly), communities (e.g., arts and science), or artforms (e.g., music and the visual arts). In each case, presentations will explore synergies, transcend barriers, inspire dialogues, and imagine new pathways to foster connection through music and movement.

Out of the Box

This track opens the doors to contribute to the conference theme "Building Bridges through Music and Movement: Inspire, Imagine, Transcend" beyond the barriers of the thematic tracks, thereby providing the possibility for conference attendeesperformers, scholars, and practitioners to enrich the conference with contributions that defy the conference theme's thematic categorization. Carte Blanche/Out of the Box is a platform for the unexpected!

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