• There is no hotel around the venue. 

  • The closest station to the venue is TAMAGAWA JYOSUI Station of TAMA Monorail and SEIBU Line. 

  • There are many hotels around TACHIKAWA Station. We recommend this area to stay. It takes approx. 15 min from TACHIKAWA KITA  Station or TACHIKAWA MINAMI Station to TAMAGAWA JYOSUI Station by TAMA Monorail. The fare is JPY270. (One way)

  • There are also some hotels along SEIBU Line such as KUMEGAWA Station, KOKUBUNNJI Station and HITOTUBASHI GAKUEN Station. The fare is JPY210. (One way)

  • From around TACHIKAWA Station to the venue. It takes approx. 30 min.

  • The price of one single room, per night. (30/March/2020) including VAT

*Along SEIBU Line, It takes approx. 40 min to the venue.   

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Photo credits: Graham Harwood, Irmgard Bankl, Joan Pope, Brian Slater, David Tucker, Robert Rogucki

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