1. Venue:


Kunitachi College of Music

5-5-1 Kashiwa-cho, Tachikawa city Tokyo 190-8520 Japan

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2. Campus Map: 


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3. How to access to TACHIKAWA Station, the nearest station to recommended accommodations.

From NARITA Airport

Bus: They are direct serves. It takes approx. 2 and a half hours and the fare is JPY3700. 

NARITA Airport – TACHIKAWA Station north gate (Tachikawa Grand Hotel)

NARITA Airport – PALACE Hotel Tachikawa

Train: It takes approx. 2 hours and the fare is JPY3910.

Transfer Information

The most convenient way is to take NARITA Express train. (One transfer)

NARITA Airport -(NARITA Express)- TOKYO Station-(JR Chuo Line)- TACHIKAWA Station. 

2. From HANEDA Airport


Bus: All buses arrive at PALACE Hotel Tachikawa (TACHIKAWA North) directly. It takes approx. 

90 min. and the fare is JPY1600.

Train: It takes approx. 90 min. and need to transfer twice. The fare is JPY1600.

HANEDA Airport ―(Keihin Line)― SHINAGAWA Station ―(JR Yamanote Line)-SHINJUKU Station ― (JR Chuo Line)-TACHIKAWA Station

4. How to access to the venue from TACHIKAWA Station

Walk for approx.3min. from TACHIKAWA Station to TACHIKAWA-KITA Station. Take TAMA TOSHI Monorail Line

TACHIKAWA Station (JR Line) →TACHIKAWA–KITA Station (Monorail Line) → TAMAGAWA JOUSUI Station  (approx.10min.)

TACHIKAWA–MINAMI Station (Monorail Line) → TAMAGAWA JOUSUI Station (approx.12min.)

Walk for approx.8min.From TAMAGAWA JOSUI Station to the venue. (Kunitachi College of Music)

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