Would you like to welcome a vibrant, international gathering to your door?


Have you got what it takes to form an organising committee?

The 6th International Conference of Dalcroze Studies (ICDS6) will be a prestigious and colourful event, enhancing your institution or organisation's profile, and bringing cultural and economic benefits to your city and region.

We invite applications from anyone who wishes to host.

Angelika Hauser, Chair of ICDS2 Organising Committee


ICDS welcomes informal expressions to host at any time. Please contact John Habron, Chair of the Scientific Committee:

There is a two-stage application process:

Stage 1 – formal expression of interest

Deadline to be confirmed

The Stage 1 application form asks for basic information about the host institution and proof of institutional support. The Scientific Committee will review the applications and invite full bids.

​Stage 2 - full bid

Deadline to be confirmed

The Stage 2 form requires more detailed information about facilities and the management of the conference. The Scientific Committee will review applications and award the next conference soon afterwards.

Please note: the recommended date for the host to book the necessary spaces is approximately 30 months before the event.


The ICDS Conference Charter is a living document, designed to preserve what we continually learn from experience and ensure future conferences are fully supported to run smoothly. Every two years, the Scientific Committee revises the charter, which sets out the fundamental principles of the conference organisation and includes detailed templates for hosts to use. 

The charter is user-friendly and an important part of ICDS’s future. If you would like a copy, please email

Conference Sponsors to be confimed

If you would like to sponsor ICDS5 contact us here

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