Welcome from John Habron

Welcome to this website and to the ICDS community!

On behalf of the Scientific Committee, I am thrilled to be offering the first ever online ICDS. While we must acknowledge the many hardships that COVID-19 continues to bring, I feel excited about this event and what positive impacts it might have. ICDS5 online is a new departure for us and, at the least, will allow us to find new ways to build bridges across geographical and cultural boundaries. 

The conference theme, which we devised before the pandemic struck, could not be more appropriate for the world in which we find ourselves. ‘Dalcroze practice in diverse cultures, communities and contexts’ invites us to consider the full range of practice that exists worldwide, in a variety of settings. As a living practice that interweaves with others, Dalcroze continues to evolve, often in response to global education and health challenges, not least COVID-19. 

ICDS5 will explore the interactions between Dalcroze and related practices, and the cultures in which they operate. By sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can arrive at new understandings of the characteristics of the communities that sustain and develop our practices and the many contexts in which we work. 

The ICDS is going from strength to strength and is increasing in size and complexity. The Scientific Committee now has 13 members, including a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. It also has two sub-committees. Since 2019, the ICDS has had a Media and Communications Officer (Agata Trzepierczyńska), who takes care of our social media platforms and digital footprint. These developments reflect the amount of preparation and collaboration required to provide the conference experience that has become so much appreciated by delegates over the years. 

The Scientific Committee is made up of leading experts in a variety of fields, all of which have relevance to Dalcroze practice. We also have Dalcroze teachers on the committee, who themselves undertake and supervise research. I am very proud to work alongside all of them and am grateful for their ongoing support and advice.

Our Organizing Committee for ICDS5 is jointly headed by four Regional Coordinators (Andrew Goldman, Stephen Neely, Alexander Riedmüller, and Katherine Smith). Each taking responsibility for a different time zone, they will provide the online infrastructure for our two-day meeting in October. Andrew, Stephen, Alexander, and Katherine are all members of the ICDS family and I am delighted to be working with them.

We have much to share and I look forward to a rich and engaging event. See you online! 

Dr John Habron

Chair of the Scientific Committee, 5th International Conference of Dalcroze Studies

john habron